Welcome to My Photo Blog.

They call me Emman, I work as a Systems Engineer here in Cebu specializing in Exchange Administration.
I am an Exchange Administrator in an American Company. My hobby keeps me away from my work for awhile specially on weekends, I love taking Nature Photos, Weddings, and what we Pinoy called “Picture-Picture” moments. hehehe

Photography is really my favorite hobby ever since I was in College, but because it was sooo damn expensive I was only able to purchase my first DSLR (450D)  when I started working. hehehe

Anyways, I created this blog to share it to you guys. I am not a Professional Photographer tho my friends are, so getting tips on how to take those shots and look for a subjects was not that hard for me and Yes! Youtube and Google are my Friends hehehe.

Hope you enjoy my Photo Blogs… More Photos will come on my everyday adventure. 🙂

Have a Great Days Ahead.

Salamat! (Thanks in Bisaya)


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