Maraetai is one of the towns which make up Manukau city and is the easternmost suburb of greater Auckland in New Zealand.

The closest town Beachlands lies approximately 4km to the West. Its name is Māori meaning “enclosed sea”, or “courtyard of the tides” which derives from the sheltered courtyard enclosure of a Marae and “Tai”, meaning tide(s) or tidal passage(s). Maraetai was the original name for the smooth, calm tidal passage now known as Tamaki Strait, which is sheltered by Te Motu Arai-roa (“The Long Sheltering Island”) now called Waiheke Island by non-Maori speaking New Zealanders. The site of present day Maraetai suburb was formerly the Pā and kāinga (village) settlement known as Pohaturoa. To the Pākehā people Maraetai means “Meeting place by the sea”. One of the better known functions of a Marae is to facilitate Hui (tribal gatherings).


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